Need to create a graph that changes data series based on dropdown selection

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  • Hi there!

    I'm pretty new to VBA and am trying to create a column graph to display survey results that will update based on a user's selection from a dropdown list of questions (or could use a slicer). I understand how to do this with data where the X-axis categories are the same for each question, however that is not the case with my survey. For instance, some questions have the options yes or no, and some have other and many more categories. Open to accomplishing this with or without VBA. I've been trying to find a solution for quite some time, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Many thanks! :)

  • Hi,

    Your question is rather generic ...

    Most probably, you could fix your problem with Named Ranges ...

    Ideally, attaching a sample file would make everything easier ...

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