Copy specific cells from multiple workbooks to a master workbook

  • Hello folks. Need some help regarding the following.

    I have a "Summary" worksheeet in my master workbook- "Supplier EWS - P&C" . I have multiple workbooks in a folder. Each workbook is of same format and has 3 sheets. I want to copy specific cells from my "Financial - Summary" worksheet of each workbook into my "Summary" sheet of master workbook.

    I want B8 to get copied to A2, C8 to get copied to B2, I8 to get copied to C2, I12 to get copied to D2.

    And this should be repeated for all the workbooks in folder. So, lets say for next workbook, B8 should get copied to A3, C8 should get copied to B3 and so on.

    Please help.

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