Proper way to select (goto) row column and cell of data once found via multiple (12) sheets

  • Thanks for any help - I am using a search form (below) to locate data upon CommandButton1_Click(). I am need now how to actualy go to that row / cell and in column B via CommandButton2_Click().

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    Dim ws As Worksheet, v As Variant

    'If not found

    TextBox2.Text = "Cloud Record Not Found"

    For Each ws In Worksheets

    v = Application.Match(Val(TextBox1.Text), ws.Range("B5:B2400"), 0)

    If Not IsError(v) Then

    'If data found

    TextBox2.Text = ws.Range("A5:A2400")(v).Value

    'row number

    TextBox3.Text = 4 + v

    Exit For

    End If

    Next ws

    End Sub

    My every attempt has me jumping to wrong pages and/or wrong rows - I am very very new to VBA so thanks again

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