Finding difference between tabs in two different Workbooks

  • Hi All Good Evening,

    I have came across an problem to which I am unable to find solution need your expertise to help me out.

    I have two workbooks with around 60-70 tabs each (tabs are named similar in both the workbooks), I need to find difference between two tabs from both the workbooks ( which have same name).

    Say both the workbooks have a Tab (Sheet) named "FTSE100" and have certain data in them. I want to know the difference between them. Both the sheets have a particular column named "Returns" I have to find the difference between them. It also have another column with unique identifier so that I can apply Vlookup to get the desired results.

    But, the issue is there are more than 60 tabs (sheets) in each workbook and it will take a hell lot of time to apply Vlookup in each of the tabs (sheets).

    I need that a VBA code creates a new sheet and shows results for each of the Sheets between both the workbook.

    I hope I have clearly mentioned what I am looking for here.??:?:

  • You need to clarify a few things

    1. What are then names of the 2 workbooks?
    2. Will both be open?
    3. Which workbook needs to have the new sheet with the results of the macro?
    4. Is Row 1 of each worksheet a header row?
    5. Which column holds the unique identifiers?
    6. Which column is the "Returns" column?
    7. Are those columns consistent in every worksheet in each workbook?

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  • Hi,

    1. Workbooks are named Prt_Oct 2019 and Prt_Nov 2019.

    2. both books will be open (suggest if it will work when one remain closed).

    3. Prt_Nov 2019 should have the results in it.

    4. Yes the first row have headers.

    5. 1st col have the unique identifier ( Col header named ISIN).

    6. Col E will have Returns.

    7. Columns headers are consistent.


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