Autofilter popup

  • I have a need. The same filtering methods are done monthly on roughly 15k rows of data. Nothing changes, filtering-wise, other than the date. The date filter is complex so-to-speak, It is broken up by Year/Month/Day/Time.

    What I would like is that when the macro runs and it comes to field:=12 (Column L) a popup occurs which contains the exact same options as what is present when done manually. I will include code below. However, if this becomes moreso an act of god to achieve, I could be happy if the MACRO selected all entries within the year/month I am within when running the MACRO. I have many MACROS that require this ability, however, I will include a simple one.

    Here is the screen shot of the filter, in this example, I'd want everything selected in December:

  • I've tidied up your existing code.

    Can you attach a small example of your file.

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