Need help on a non working Vba code

  • Hello experts,

    I am having issues running my coding due to a debug that is present, however i am very confused on it since i do not have that much knowledge and experience in VBA and would like to know what is it that i am doing wrong.

    Below i attached the coding I was working on which focuses on calculating Angular acceleration of a car using different variables such as Velocity, Time, Initial and final distances, Radius of a tire and angular velocity.

    I appreciate the future help and Thanks in advance :)

  • Hi and Welcome to the Forum :)

    You should explain clearly ... HOW... your UserForm is to be used ... and your expected result ...

    If you feel like saying "Thank You" for the help received, do not hesitate to click the "Thumbs Up" icon, below, in the bottom right corner:)

  • Hello and Thank-You :)

    On my Userform, I would input the known variables of Time, Distance and Radius of the tire and then calculating for the three remaining variables, Angular velocity, Velocity and Angular Acceleration.

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