Split text into length restricted columns by whole words

  • Hi,

    I need to split a long text entry to 2 columns which are limited to 30 characters each + any remaining text will be placed in 3rd column.

    The text needs to be split by whole words (so the split will not be done mid-word)

    See attached for reference

    - Column A shows the original entry

    - Column B needs to have first max 30 characters, but split by whole words

    - Column C needs to have next max 30 characters, but split by whole words

    - Columnd D will have all remaining characters

    Any smart ways to get it automated?


  • Your attachment shows "Page not found" error when I try to download it.

    Does your data start in A2 and A1 is a header?

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  • Try the attached sample file (it uses Row 1 as header row with data starting in A2). Click the button

    Code assigned to the button is

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