Copy/Update Table Data to another Table via VBA

  • As already indicated, my recommendation for you is to fully clarify your needs for the Copy/Edit/Save process before getting any further

    From your comments, to avoid a huge number of problems ...

    it seems to me you absolutely must create a Unique Identifier for each one of your Accounting Entries ...

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  • Hello, it's been awhile.

    I've already made version 7 of the General Ledger file.

    Same as before, the edits in 'Unit Code' to 'Item Code' columns in 'Budget' worksheet should be copied to 'Unit Code' to 'Sub Code' columns in 'Chart of Accounts' worksheet.

    In addition, the edits in 'Period No.' to:

    a) 'Amount Paid' columns in 'Purchases' worksheet

    b) 'Amount' columns in 'Disbursements' worksheet

    c) 'Amount Reimbursed' columns in 'Petty Cash' worksheet

    d) 'Cr. Amount' columns in 'Cashbook' worksheet

    should be copied to 'Period No.' to 'Cr. Amount' columns in 'General Journal' worksheet.

    I've tried using the code as above and twerk it, but I can't seem to figure how to make it work.

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