Conditional Formatting for printing

  • Hi,

    I am trying to determine how I can conditional format (Border thin line) a range of cells that are not blank.

    What I have is a setup macro () that provides data from a Pivot table, formats the 4 columns of data (text in title row, bold for title row, width for each column) and then splits the data into 2 lots of 4 columns (for printing names and phone numbers and printing on complete page) however at the end of the macro I would like to add clearing of any formatting in this area, and then conditional formatting of thin border to every cell with data in it.

    I can do it with the manual conditional formatting - with a dynamic formula =$H1>0 (although the cells contain letters) and apply it to $H$1:$K$1000 and $M1:$P$1000 (which fit into the page for printing) but I cannot work out how to add this to the setup macro.

    One of the issues I have is that the macro for arranging the data includes the deletion of 2 columns which confuses the manual conditional format I set, and requires me to set it all up again, hence the automation request.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance:).


  • Hi,

    You could turn on your macro recorder and go manually through your process once ...

    You would get an initial "macro translation" of your actions ...

    Hope this will help

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