Trying to create a Excel file using a VBA Macro that will auto refresh every minute, while having the ability to have a package counter go up to a x limit and a timer going down.

  • Trying to make a VBA macro that will auto refresh the package counter and timer after one minute has passed back to zero. Having it connected to a HTML site that has a world clock to get and accurate minute. Reason is for my work I need my associates to induct packages at a set rate per minute and having something visual for them would b much easier.

    So far I have a interval timer made with a stop start and reset button, but would love for it to be automated so I can leave it up for them and I don't need to worry about it.

    If we have to do 90 packages a minute and have 3 induct points that would be 30 packages a line per minute. Making timer that counts up to 60 and every 2 seconds adds 1 to the package counter is something I've been trying to achieve and need some more expertise in.

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