Run-time error 1004 You can’t change part of an array.

  • Dear Sir / Madam,

    I calculate some values in Spreadsheet A of a Workbook and copy the values only to spreadsheet B in the same workbook using a macro. On the second or subsequent time in which I use the macro to place the newer data in the same location in spreadsheet B by deleting some cells in rows and columns to the left of where the current data is to be stored the macro immediately shows a run-time error. The cells being removed are blank cells with no formulas or values or formatting. The first time I run the macro it works. Upon running it the second time it immediately opens a message which states “Run-time error 1004 You can’t change part of an array”.

    I am running the Excel spreadsheet on Windows 10, Excel 2016.

    None of the following work to solve the problem:

    I cannot find any GWXL97.DLA file;

    Edit Copy and Edit Paste of the highlighted cells into the same location as the cells to be deleted;

    Changing the macro to a different group of unformatted empty cells to remove produces the same error message;

    The trust settings for macros in Excel are open and macros enabled;

    Find & Select, Go to Special and Current Array says that no cells are found;

    Home and Clear Button, Clear Formats has no effect;

    F2, CTRL +X, select new location CTRL +V, CTRL+Shift + enter have no effect.

    Following is the initial code section text where the problem occurs:

    How do I remove the error message or simply bypass it as it has no meaning or use?

    Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Best Regards,


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