How to automatically select and show other comboboxes values by clicking another combobox

  • I am trying to link one of my combobox with other comboboxes using the data that i have stored in a worksheet. So to be clear, what i want is when the user clicks the combobox that consists of the "devices" combobox it will automatically shows the details of that device through using other comboboxes. For example, when i click device A in device combobox it will automatically show details of device A using other comboboxes without having me to click it.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    However i am stuck at the part where i cannot find a way to select the corresponding column Bi , Ci and Di and link them to the other combobox2,combobox 3 and combobox 4. For instance, when device B is click, combobox2 ,combobox 3 and combobox 4 should auto select look up and 23 and 12 respectively. Anyways here is my code.

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  • Hi royUK,

    Maybe my previous code is abit too long . But to break it down,

    After saving my combobox values into the worksheet, i am trying to link my combobox to the worksheet. For instance, when the user selects one of the combobox value eg device a that is stored in the worksheet,how to select the corresponding values for the row that matches with one of the values in column A and link them with other comboboxes? Below is my code.

    [Blocked Image:]

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