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  • Hello, I'm trying to write code allowing me to Copy a folder then paste it. I have the basic code down using fso.CopyFolder. Instead of using a set destination I would like to prompt the user to select the destination folder. Thanks for the help!

  • This code allows you to browse for a folder

  • Thanks for that. But, is there a way to prompt a SaveAs window to open? I'm copying the same folder each time so I can have that path stored in my code. Its the destination that's variable. So I have my code attached to a button. I would like to click it then be prompted to select a destination location and change the folder name using a SaveAs. The folder contains a number of empty sub folders that represent a folder hierarchy that I use often.

  • Savas works with files, I think this might be useful. You should be able to incorporate the browse code to get the to address.

    Copy or move more files or complete folders

  • I'm still struggling to find the code I need. So, I have code to copy the folder hierarchy and store it in the users temp folder. Is there a way to then have a SaveAs window automatically open after the macro stores the folder in temp? As if I am right clicking on the folder in temp and selecting save as? So the user can then save the folder where they want? Sample of my code below.

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