Create a batch file to copy and paste text file into excel

  • Hi guys

    I've been trying to automate some weekly reporting

    I've managed to write up some VBA in Business Objects (SAP) that refreshes multiple reports and saves them as text files.

    Now i need to copy these text files and paste them into existing workbooks.

    I tried integrating this into my VBA in Business Objects however kept on running into an error.

    I was thinking of creating a bacth file to do this instead, but haven't managed to do it successfully.

    Does anyone have a basic script that i can use to copy a text file and paste it into an existing excel workbook?

    Thank you :)

  • Not certain about a BATCH file approach. I couldn't locate one in my toolbox ...

    Here is an Excel project that will import a single or multiple text files into Excel :

  • @Logit if i want to copy data from excel workbook searched through browse the way it is in your code and paste it to the destination file below existing data like somehow creating a database from different workbook on excel, do you know any ways to mend this code? or some script for my problem

  • Try this version :

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