Dynamically Reference new date in File Name daily

  • I believe this is going to work out fantastically... As for the fact that it needs to be rebuilt, I get it, and if I could with my current capabilities, I'd already have done so. I will absolutely come back Monday to confirm if everything worked as intended :) Thank you very much Carim, you assistance has be invaluable! I believe I placed the new code where you suggested, here's the monster currently.

  • I tried to edit my previous post here, but just to let you know, I tested your code on today's date with Tuesday's data up and changed to "Friday" in the code and it looks like it's working great! Thank you!

  • Pleased to hear you have solved your initial problem ...:)

    Thanks a lot for your Thanks ..AND for the Like :)

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  • Apologies, I haven't come back to let you know that the macro is working as designed... I have another odd issue but I'm going to post that in the formula's questions. Thank you very much Carim, you were a big help!

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