Multiple condition formula

  • Hi Expert,

    Below is my formula in excel ,


    My problem is, if the selected cell is EMPTY or ABOVE " 0 " then the result should appear dash " - " instead of Threshold

    Anyone can help me .... i tried many option but still failed ..... I attached the sample for ease of ref.

    Hope someone can help me ....

    Thank you....

  • Above 0 up to what figure? You have stated that under 97 should return Threshold.

    Ali :)

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  • Hello,

    With your reference range sorted in descending order, you can use a simple match function ...

    Hope this will help

    Edit : Hello Ali ;)

  • Hello,

    Do not know if your test file properly answers your question ...

    But just noticed your thread title with multiple conditions ... whereas there seems to be only ONE reference table ...

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