Copying to multiple rows with same number

  • So i basically want to get PO matched from the file browse from computer and copied in a way that wherever PO "9207116092" in C4 of file POD is mentioned in Masterfile ColumG "PO" (like we dont have to right "9207116092" again and again just onetime is enough and that value (01/03/2020 in this case) is pasted to al the rows having PO number "9207116092" in POD columnF in Masterfile

    Noye: Use macro UPLOAD POD to upload file

  • As you can see from the picture that i have three entries of "9207116092" i want that it should automatically drag the value(date in this case) if its updated in any of the rows have the same PO number (9207116092) rather than old dragging option i want it to be done automatically. Is there any way to do it either by excel vba or just excel

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