Restructuring of data

  • Helo all,

    i have a table with Production and revenue values, which i would like to merge.

    instead of having 1 column per unit, i would like to have 1 column with values of all units (revenues), second columns, values of all revenues and a third column to identify the unit

    Is it possible to make the code to actually Look for the column name and write down in the vertical column

    If Variable -> Unit B Production -> Write down in column "Production"

    if variable -> Unit B Revenue -> write down in column "Revenue"
    and create a third column where the name of the variable is written

    i would then predefine the name of the units in before in the vba code

    attached the raw data with the desired outcome,

    i hope someone can help :D

    Best regards,


  • Hello,

    Not sure to understand your request ...

    Apparently you need a formula to fill in Column S ...

    But cannot see the logic which needs to be applied to reach the results you are showing ...

    Thanks for clarifying ...

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