Excel VBA 3 Shift Data to make a Graph

  • Hi,

    I am a very new to excel macro and I need help.

    we have 3 shifts at the factory.

    06:00-14:00 morning shift

    14:00-22:00 late shift

    22:00-06:00 night shift

    We don't want to use papaer and I made userform to enter the breakage and rework data easily. I would like to see the 3 shifts breakage and rework graph in an another excel workbook. But I want to see the actual date datas. In every shift I would like to see the past 2 shifts and the actual shift. Is it possible?(3 Graphs>> actual shift and the past 2 shifts)

    like a dashboard

    Thank you for your helps!

    22022020_Inspection Database.xlsm

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