Excel VBA – Copy or Move files from one folder to another

  • Am having two folders “A” & “B” in A folder having 1000 files (word & rtf files) I need to copy only 10 files form the 1000 files (A folder) to B (folder). Is there any VBA code in excel for folder searching and copying.

    10 files list is given excel column “B”

    In column B, updated as “MOVED” if document found in A folder and moved to B folder

    In column B, updated as “Does Not Exists” if document not found in A folder and gives an message.

    Please modified the below code and it should be ask for source path and move to specific folder as not by default like below one’s.

    Below code copied from other online sources only.....

    Please do the needful and thanks in advance

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  • Have you bothered reading the Forum Rules. I wouldn't want thanks especially, but an acknowledgement that you have read the rules and understand them would be expected. If not any further transgressions will result in posts being closed.

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