Selecting From Web Drop Down List with VBA

  • Hello all

    I was hoping you can help with the following problem.

    I am trying to use Excel VBA to select the value in a drop down box from a web page.

    The code for the web page is as follows:-

    [Blocked Image:]

    From the drop down list I have already selected what I wanted which translates to a value of 2875.

    I am really struggling with the code, I have the following:-

    Sub web_lists()

    Dim ie As Object

    Set ie = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")

    Dim doc As ie.document

    ie.doc.getElementById("tic").Value = 2875

    End Sub

    I know this is wrong but I was copying and pasting bits from various different places on the web and after several hours I have gotton no where and need some help.

    I am not entirely sure if I have selected all the correct references from the reference list box.

    Can anyone help but also talk me through what the code does??

    Really appreciate any support you can give.

    Thank you.

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