Need to copy a files based on the extention

  • Would this not be easier to user Windows explore?

    Open Windows explorer

    Create the two directory’s where you want i.e. Document/dir 1 and dir 2

    Drill down the directory you want to copy from

    Sort by type i.e xls

    Select these


    Paste to Dir 1 or 2 as you wish

    Delete once copied

    Same for txt to other directory

    Seconds work and no real need for code


  • You can actually just drag & drop to the other folder. Select the files using whilst holding the Ctrl button down. Drag to the destination folder and choose Move when the menu opens

  • Thanks for replying currently am doing the same and i expected that it can be automate with a single click.

    Everyday in my task i need to work on 500 to 700 files in a folder...

    Selecting 500 files and seperating involves much time and efforts if possible it can be automate. so am looking for that....

    Any how thanks for replying...

  • Hi,

    Thanks for replying and inspiring me ....

    With your words i had found code that it is in excel only....

    Please check below.....

    Please dont say directly it is not related to excel ...

    Anyhow thanks i get the code....


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