Multiple Worksheet search for empty cells

  • Hi,

    i've got an excel file which contains more than 50 worksheets. All of them have the same first labeling line.

    I am trying to get a vba to work which searches each worksheet for following criteria:

    When a Cell in Column A is not empty then check if Cell in same row on Column K and L is empty. If one of them is not empty do nothing.

    If both of them are empty check if Column M is empty.

    If Column M is empty, check if Date in Column D is max. 3 days in the future Then jump to this row.

    Else check next row until all Worksheets are done.

    If there are no cells which meets the criteria a MsgBox should appear to confirm that no unfinished rows exist.

    I would thank you For any suggestions.

  • Hi,

    Try this:

    Remember to change Sheet Name And the number of Rows.

  • Thank you very much for your help.

    It works great. I just changed the first Line where you selected the Worksheet to this:

    For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Sheets

    So all Worksheets will be searched, one after another.

    Thank you

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