Chinese word replacer

  • Am having chinese strings and their respective english strings and it has t o be replace over the documents in a folder,

    I have a code not replcaing can anyone review and help me in this regards ..

    In a folder having 100 documents and i need to replace chinese strings over this documents in a folder.

    Thanks in advance.

    Please find the attachment.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for replying and sorry for delay...

    1. Macro for replacing a chinese text with their respective english text in a word documet ( In a folder am having a 100 WORD Doc's "BATCH REPLCAING")

    2. In Column "A" chinese native text and same native text is available in all docs in a folder and that native text should be get replaced with their corresponding english description in Column "B".

    3. Exactly am looking for batch replacing column "A" text with corresponding column "B" text.

    Please help me in this regards or can you modified as per the requirement in a best way.....

    am thankful to you and please do the needful....


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