Strange Letter/Number Combination in UserForm Textbox

  • I've been an Excel developer for over 20 years and have never seen anything like this before.

    I have a userform that calculates commissions. If a commission is from a sale, a "Total sale" textbox becomes visible. If from a lease, three textboxes becomes visible: one for the total square feet, another for price per square foot, and then third for the total price. The total price is the value in the first textbox multiplied by the value in the second.

    Everything is normal when I enter the total square feet in the first textbox for a lease. When I enter the price per square feet in the second textbox, everything is OK until I press Tab or Enter. When I do, the textbox is populated with the following string: A1/19/19001/19/1900ou0ti0g.

    I've replaced two textboxes with new ones but this keeps happening. I checked to see if there's a control source but it's blank. Each time when I double-clicked in the textbox the Click event appeared perfectly normal. It sort of looks like there's some code populating the textbox, but if there is I didn't write it and have no idea where it might be.

    If anyone has seen anything like this, hearing about your experience would help restore some degree of confidence in my sanity. If anyone can give me an idea of what's causing it, I and my client will be eternally grateful.

  • Well, I lucked into the solution. I had formatted the offending textbox as "Accounting". A little later I changed it to "$ #,##0.00" and there was no more problem. Sorry for the false start.

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