Stuck on some code, extracting from HTML

  • Hi

    I am stuck on a bit of code and cannot get it to work any further, sometimes it half works, other times it give an error message that i can not work out why.

    When the code does half work, if places the searched data into the FIRST blank CELL in a column, when it should place it across the row, so if no data is found then it should leave that cell in the column blank, or place the word "Nil" if it would make it easier to fix

    I have attached a link for the workbook to be downloaded, the code in button 1 is the issue.

    There are two sheets in the workbook, Sheet2 shows how the data should look.

    I can take this no further as I lack the knowledge and skill to do it, i'm hoping someone can help.;(;(;(;(;(

    Thanks for have a look.

    Download workbook

    If I could VBA, life wouldn't be such a pain in the A$$, ;(;(

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