VBA code to find unique values , create sheet by their name and paste data

  • Hello,

    I have an input workbook ( attached ) which has a worksheet ( sheet1). I need a VBA code to do following things:

    1 . Identify unique values ignoring duplicates in column A ( for example in this sheet unique values are A , B and C)

    2. Create new worksheets by unique names identified above ( for example in this case create sheets A ,B and C)

    3. Paste the data corresponding to each unique values from sheet1 into the sheets created above ( for example all data corresponding to A gets pasted in sheet A ).

    I have also attached the required output workbook along with the input workbook


    Thanks in advance


  • Hello DKool,

    Here's another option:-

    I've attached your sample workbook with the code implemented. Click on the "RUN" button to see it work. You'll note that I've placed a heading name in Column A of Sheet1.

    I hope that this helps.




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