Your help is need to fix program input

  • i am trying to delete Module1 and Thisworkbook macro in saveas file.but macro is not deleting the saveas file

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  • i have master macro template (.xlsm) help to transferring data from "A file to master template. Input "A" maybe allow two different format ( .Xlsx Or .xls) , then saveas file output file (B) should be files as (.xls) . Master template i protected pwd code in VB properties. Like to remove all code in Output file (B). How can i unprotected VB project using code to delete Module codes ? . Getting Error if master file is protected not allowing me to run removing codes. If i unprotected master template by manually , it allows to delete code in output file.

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  • Output file using it for different application, that application will allow only Xls format. is it possible to save it in Xlsx and then overwrite it to Xls within master code template?

  • maybe like this

    ''/// change newname to the new name you want to us
    ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=NewName, FileFormat:=51
    ''/// save as xls
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs ActiveWorkbook.Name, FileFormat:=56

    You could add code to delete the xlsx file

  • Getting Compile error: Named argument already specified and multiple warning error

    targetfile = Range(cell_target_File).Value + "Upload"
    ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=targetfile, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs ActiveWorkbook.Name, (".xls"), FileFormat:=56
  • This works for me

  • This will delete the xlsx file if you don't need it

  • My badness output file extension is not recognized, So getting Error and also output file have module code

  • That message indicates The VBA project is protected.

    When you getting it because the code that I posted wouldn't cause it?

    Also, what has the clipboard got to do with it?

  • if i run your code . Getting error argument already specified (Highlighted 51 red)


  • if i directly mention conversion number . Getting " Kill sPath as error".

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