Text extraction and searchable data validation list

  • Hi,

    A formula to extract the FFID & Job ID are:

    =MID(B3,FIND("FFID",B3, 1)+5,8)

    =MID(B3,FIND("Job ID",B3, 1)+8,10)

    I cannot determine what you are asking for with respect to a "searchable drop down list for the one below" sorry.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for replying and please check the sheet2 in this attachment.

    In column A having languages has to be entered through drop down but if I want to choose "Turkish" from drop down I need to scroll down until "T" letter comes, is there any possibility to search with letters and shows the match cases in the drop down list. Like if enter "T" it shows all languages having T

    please find the attachment and please do the needful...


  • Not sure if this achieves what you are after, I do not know another way to do it without using VBA macros.

    remove the data validation you have and in A2 type:

    =FILTER(C1:C67,ISNUMBER(SEARCH(B1,C1:C67)),"Not Found")

    in B2 type:


    then type what you want to search for in B1.

    This requires a new version of excel with spilling formulas, sorry if you do not have it.

    I just found out about it from here:

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