Conditional Copy Data from One sheet to another workbook

  • I need to copy data from one sheet to another by following these conditions: 1) User should select/browse for a file, from the opened file, it copies data from column A to Column D from sheet1 2) Column A has unique numbers while column C & D has duplication, it should ignore copies only unique numbers in Column A and their respective data in column B, C & D 3) It paste the Data in Dashboard file(main file) in sheet RawData at column AH to AK by looking into last used row Image: as shown in image, it should copy the highlighted data and ignore duplication

    I have written below code but it,s not according to my requirement, please help me

    Dashboard - Copy.xlsmAnalytical_Report_Pivot (3) (2).xlsmDashboard - Copy.xlsmAnalytical_Report_Pivot (3) (2).xlsm

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