VBA loop that copies the previous sheet data and pastes to the current sheet

  • I have a workbook that has a new worksheet created every month.

    Without loops, I can copy the data specifically.

    I want a loop for the sheets such that when a new sheet is created, I can assign a button to a macro which copies the data from the previous sheet.

    For example if sheet 7 is created, i want to copy the values from sheet 6 and paste.

    Also if sheet 8 is created, i want to copy the values from sheet 7 and paste.

    please can anyone help. thank you

  • Is the worksheet created manually? Will the new sheet always be the last sheet in the workbook? What values do you want to copy from the previous sheet and where in the new sheet do you want to paste them? It would be easier to help if you could attach a copy of your file (de-sensitized if necessary).

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