Mail Merge Loop

  • Hello all!

    I'm new here. I apologize if these questions has been asked before, or if I am asking too much. I've had quite a lot of experience in VBA code regarding mail merges but apparently it's a very perishable skill. :( So I've been frankensteining code together to try and get the result I need and editing it into pieces as I try to relearn everything. Basically it's just a mess, and I'd like to get some help so I can just get something to use for now and modify if I need to.

    I need the macro to do these things:

    - Open an Excel sheet with a specific name and in a specific location (This spreadsheet will contain new data every time it is replaced)

    - Split the data into multiple sheets within the same workbook based on data in a column and save that workbook with the current date to a new specified location (This is a name field, and each name is repeated 5 times)

    - Open a Word Template

    - Loop through each sheet and merge to the template, save with the name of the sheet

    - Email newly created mail merge documents to each individual separately using Outlook (I may retrieve a list of emails,

    Just having a base to go off of would be helpful I suppose, cause I know that's a lot. If you'd like to see my garbage code I can post it!


  • I posted prematurely lol. For the email thing, we have a standard within our office I can work with. It's just the first letter of the first name and then their last name.

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