Format a range depending on inputted values

  • Hi!

    I have an Excel sheet where I want to change the color of a range of cells on a row

    The input from the user will be added from row 4 and downwards. I want to change the empty cells in the row from A to J depending if they have inputted some data or not.

    For example, data have inputted into row 4, column A-C. D-J is empty.

    Then A-C should be colored green and D-J should be colored red.

    Some rules that this excel sheet have:

    • If Column A is filled with the value “N”, columns C and H should be green (as they aren’t needed to be filled)
    • If column A is filled with the value “C”, columns C and H should be red if they are not filled.

    How can this be achieved with Conditional Formatting in a smart way?



  • Select columns C & H, do Conditional Formatting, formula, with a formula of =$A1="N" and set as green. Do another one for the "C" and red case.

    Cheers, Glenn.

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