Water Billing Rates Formula

  • I am trying to create a formula that allows me to evaluate scenarios for water billing rates. These rates use a progressive tier system and I'm trying to calculate the monthly bill based on total water consumption. So for example:

    Consumption: 200 Kgal


    A: 0 - 6 Kgal

    B: 6 - 12 Kgal

    C: 12 - 18 Kgal

    D: 18+ Kgal


    A: $0.80/Kgal

    B: $0.85/Kgal

    C: $0.90/Kgal

    D: $0.95/Kgal

    So assuming 200 Kgals used, the first 6 Kgal will be at $0.80/Kgal, the second 6 Kgal will be billed at $0.85/Kgal, the third 6 Kgal will be billed at $0.90/Kgal, and anything over 18 Kgal will be billed at $0.95/Kgal.

    Any help with a formula that can help me accomplish this would be helpful. I have attached an excel spreadsheet to give more clarity.

  • Hi EvanBerrett, welcome to OzGrid.

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    Many thanks


  • I apologize. I was looking for a quick response. I don't have the ability to change the post, but I did receive a solution, so you can close this thread anyway.

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