AutoFilter Multiple Sheets, Copy, New Book, Paste to Multiple Sheets

  • Oh I know, I was just amazed that I managed to frankenstein together a program that would do what I needed it to. I'm sure I'll be back as I keep working on this project. Thanks again!

  • I played around with this some more and attempted to add my formatting macros to the script. Unbelievable - but it runs in about 10 seconds including the time to enter the file name in the save as dialog. I tried adding it with code tags, but it's too long. Here's a sample file with it embedded.

    One question - when the save as dialog box opens, it defaults to "All Files (*.*)" as the save-as type and I have to type .xlsx after my file name to get it to save as excel.. How do I get that to default to .xlsx?

  • This sets the filters for GestSaveAsFileName.

    What Format do you need to add?

  • Perfect. As far as formatting, it's a lot of clean up stuff - moving come columns around, applying conditional formatting, centering, level-sorting, things like that. It's working AMAZINGLY now. Thank you so much for your help with this.

  • Yeah, it's not there. It's not in the source file to begin with. The 9 master files get exported to a shared network drive from QlikSense through nPrinting that turns them into what you see in the example file. Then based on a request I get the data for the necessary dealer code and create a report for that particular request. I've tried applying all the formatting to the master files but they contain so much data that it sometimes locks excel up.

  • It's in the file I attached above, but I included it here again. It was too long to paste into code tags, exceeded 10,000 characters. It starts at the end of the sub you wrote.

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