Website Automation; the text for search is Not appearing inside the searching box

  • I need to use information from excel cell to search on a specific website, but the code I have is working in part.

    The code opens the website I need for the search; however, it also opens a new tab in chrome using the cell information that I need to do the research on.

    Please see the result I am getting in the pic attached. In this case, the information I needed to research is: Medical Aid For Palestinians

    Is there anything that can be changed or added to the code to make it work correctly?

    I need only 1 chrome website to open of the specific website to be open, and the information for search need to appear inside the box in front of Entity Name.

    PS: The website I need for search can also be open in IE.

  • Hello,

    I managed to get the coordinates of the place I need to input the information for search

    The problem now is that I do not know how to put it together inside the code for it to work.

    I am guessing that I need to:

    Manipulate the open chrome window "I have the code that opens chrome"

    I need a code that can put value in that input field using the line with the coordinates.

    Maybe someone can help me?

    Document.getElementById("ctl32_ctl04_ctl03_txtValue").Value = searchname1

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