I need to create new sheets and copy a table in it and fil it with info . i m overoverwhelmed and new

  • Hi Guys,

    I tried to do this for several days in row and i had a little to zero results.

    I attached the file.

    Firstly i need to copy the table from Sheet "table" ( i tried to make it standard.) and paste it in a new generate sheet. this sheet should be renamed after the cell J449 from the "Baza"
    in this new sheet i must complete all the info as in the sheet Demo. table .

    In the end i want to delete the row 449 and take the next one. into a loop

    i thought on the following for the start:

    Sheets.Add After:=ActiveSheet Range("A1:G8").Select Selection.Copy ActiveSheet.Next.Select ActiveSheet.Paste

    and then copy paste in the new tabel

    and to make an if with an offset into the suplier

    Can you help me with some ideas to start .

    i would really need it and appreciate i.


    i tried with record macro too but it crashed big time

    I thought the following:

    I generate

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  • this is not going to help but you should of saved it as a .xlms vs xlsx so we could see what you tried. Also the </> button is a place you can click and put your code in so it makes the board look nicer and we can differentiate better like this

    ' some code here

    Thank you :)

  • Hi Pal,

    I write in different files i attached all the code that i copied and tried to modified or created in the code section and added the BOOK1 as poor reference.

    everything i tried crashed and it is not working...

  • is your table actually a table? you need to make your information into a table if you going to use table. Easiest way to do that is highlight the section you want as a table and press CTRL + T

    Thank you :)

  • I Checked and no it is not a table .:D

    I need it in the current format so can i specific it like a range of cells.

    Do any of the scripts looks allright to you?

    thank you :D

  • I don't know about coding vba that well so I have not truly looked them over I just observed you are trying to use a variable as a table and you had no tables.

    Thank you :)

  • Costyngh, welcome to Ozgrid. Please take a few minutes to read our Forum Rules, there's a link in my signature below. I've added Code Tags this time when you read the rules you will see why.

    I would set up a hidden template sheet that you can use to create new ones from. See my example.

    I can't see why you need all that code above

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