Using Address() in a logical test

  • I'm having trouble using the Address() function for logical testing. Below is a snapshot of a logical test using ISBLANK() with and without various ADDRESS() functions.

    Essentially, when I test cells D1 (a blank cell) & D2 (a non-blank cell), these are my conflicting results.

    Ultimately, I'm using VBA code to write a standard formula but this code can be written into any column, so I don't want to use an absolute column reference. I'm using the column() within Address() to apply to any column for which the code might be written. Within that function, results depend upon logical tests. However, I can't get even a basic logical test to properly work.

  • Your assumption about using ADDRESS is fundamentally incorrect. The address function gives the text of an address, like "D$1", a string. If you then pass that to an ISBLANK function, it is the same as doing =ISBLANK("D$1"), and NOT =ISBLANK(D$1).

    To get a string to be translated into an actual address use the INDIRECT function:

    Cheers, Glenn.

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