Copy workbook X times based on unique cell values in column

  • Hello -

    I have a workbook that is a list of my orders. There are many departments included (Column E). This workbook uses named ranges for data validation (from the "Key" tab).

    Is there a way (via VBA) to create a separate workbook for each department and keep the formatting/data validation. There are multiple instances of departments, they are not sorted.

    I can do it manually using auto-filter, but with so many departments, it's difficult to do that daily - very time-consuming.

    Preferably would like to have each workbook's name to be "Dept" and the number in column E and saved in the same location as this master file.

    I've found several solutions but none that seem to fit what I need to do (needing the named ranges, data validation, etc).

    Thank you for any help!

    Example of Workbook

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