Replace "Sum of..." in GETPIVOTDATA with a relative reference

  • This is my first post so bear with me if I haven't followed the rules quite right...

    In a GETPIVOTDATA formula I want to replace the reference "Sum of Apr-20" with a reference to a cell. It is easy to replace other references in the GETPIVOTDATA formula with cell references, but I can't do it with that part of the formula with the words "Sum of"

    Here's an example of my problem. In this formula =+GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of Apr-20",$A$11,"Car","Camaro") I can replace "Camaro" with a cell reference which contains the word Camaro and the formula will work, eg =+GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of Apr-20",$A$11,"Car",L1). However I can't work out how to replace "Sum of Apr-20" with a reference to a cell which contains the date Apr-20.

    I've attached a simple file which shows the problem. Any help appreciated.

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