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  • Hello All,

    I work in risk management and I am currently building a database where I Currently have several macros.

    At the moment, the macros in use are perfect however I need a further some vba which feeds 4 separate sheets into the one data sheet.

    The 4 sheets for example are: “a”, “b”, “c” and “d”

    And the data sheet it called “data”.

    All 5 sheets have the same column headings, so should be easy when copying over.

    The main emphasis of this VBA is to just add to the existing sheet as new items get added to each Of the 4 data sets.

    Please can you help, it would be much appreciated! I am tearing my hair out !

  • Hi JackWhittaker, welcome to OzGrid good to have you along

    Just a quick one can you change the subject title to something more meaningful that reflects your question, help the member a lot more and you getting help

    Also please read the forum rules, you will see a link in my sign, many thanks in advance


  • Jack W - the rules are here:-

    Forum Rules

    Why have you got 5 sheets of identical data?

    Try this

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