Vlook up having blank cells

  • Hi Am looking for a formula of Vlook up if possible. I have 2 sheets in excel file (Account Sheet & Account List), i want to compare if the account column B in account sheet is equal to the account list ,provide the values as per column B (account group),even if there is a blank cell from account list -pick up the values stated in sheet 2.

    Secondly, duplicate rows with different amount (Column H to J) - sum up the total amount per items without taking the duplicate

  • When VLOOKUP can't find a value in a lookup table, it returns the #N/A error. You can use the IFNA function or IFERROR function to trap this error. However, when the result in a lookup table is an empty cell, no error is thrown, VLOOKUP simply returns a zero.

    Hope this helps,
    J Wick

  • Jameswalter

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    This post by the originator is from April 2020. Highly unlikely that the OP is still looking for a solution. Suggest you try to help those with more current issues.


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