Is it possible to protect the code?

  • Generally speaking you will discover completely protecting your code is almost impossible. Sorry ....

    There are one or two commercial products that "protect code". Most all of them you find via a Google search make the claim but cannot deliver.

    I've looked at most of them by using their time limited trial product ... then tried to break into their method of protection. Just about all of them

    I managed to break. And .. to tell you the truth ... I am definitely not a code hacker.

    There is one product I bought that seems to work very well and it does just what it claims : VBash

    The price is reasonable ($49.00 ?). And when implemented their product does two things ... changes most all of your code

    to the integer "1" (one). Their website front page has a comparison image (before/after).

    Also, their product completely hides your code. If a user goes to the VBE they won't see anything at all. Its just a blank. A warning message is

    shown indicating the code cannot be accessed.

    I've tried it on several of my personal projects and they continue to run fine after implementing VBash. So, no worries there.

    There is another product out there called : VBLock or VBALock or something similar. It claims to do the same thing as VBash and I've heard

    several programmers on this Forum and several other Forums speak well of the product. I can't say one way or the other about VBLock/VBALock.

    Best wishes on your search.

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