Looping through Rows and Columns

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Good afternoon. I have been a long time lurker however this is my first time posting. So far this site has been a great help in getting me to where I currently am and for that I thanks you. I'm posting because I'm stuck and my brain is fried from trying to figure this out. I have been using Excel, MS Word and Outlook to send bulk personalized emails for some time now. In an attempt to cut out the middle man (sorry, MS Word...) I found that I can use Excel to achieve the results I'm looking for.

    What I'm currently able to do:

    I can currently send a personalized email to everybody with a column. Please see code below.

    What I'm trying to do:

    There are some people that I will be emailing that have up to eight different email addresses. I need to send one email to each of the address. I need to avoid putting all eight addresses in the same email on the To Line

    Last Name - Column C, First Name - Column D, Email Addresses - I:P

    If Peter is on the first row, I would like to sent all eight emails to Peter before moving to the second row and sending all eight emails to Paul. My list of people to send emails to could extend into the thousands of rows and potentially 10's of thousands.

    I want to thank everybody in advance for even taking a look at this thing and your help is greatly appreciated.


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