Excel VBA book needed

  • Hi this is Mathew. I am searching for good VBA books. Currently, I am reading Excel VBA: Step-by-step Guide to Excel VBA for Beginners. I have learnt programming basics of Excel and VBA from the book. It has provided me an explicit direction to use VBA with Excel. But now I want your help to go to the next step. If you recommend me some books for advanced learning, I will be pleased to you. Waiting for your recommendation. Thanks in advance.

  • I would say read the reviews on Amazon.

    Personally, I have never used a book on VBA.

    As Dave said reading replies and answering on the Forum is the way I started.

  • Start answering questions in the forum, best way to learn

    Good answer) Looks like a joke. I've been reading this forum for a few days and so far I haven't been able to answer a single question. I don't think I'll be able to approach your level of knowledge anytime soon.

    And seriously, maybe there is some book for beginners because you probably know about such

  • Quote

    so far I haven't been able to answer a single question.

    That is where I began as well. Confused ... couldn't identify what a line of code truly did except maybe the infamous "Hello World !" line of code. But perseverance paid off. Asking questions for my own projects ... asking for assistance when I "hit a brick wall". Finally, I began answering the questions of others ... easy questions at first ... tougher questions as time passed by.

    For you and others, learning from a book may be preferable. I learn best by the 'hands on' approach. Jump in with both feet and let's see how all these lines of words make this Excel project actually work.

    You can save yourself lots of money just by "googling" what you are looking for. There are thousands of websites that will teach you for free. Some charge a fee but why pay when you can learn it for free ? And those websites have example code and free downloads as well.

    Just do it !

    ps: I still don't understand everything about Excel and VBA and most likely never will. It is a continual learning process.

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