Send Outlook Mail based on value changes in cell

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  • Dear Team,

    I am updating calibration data's on my excel. In that the last calibration date entered on column G and Next due date will update automatically on Column H which is 90 days time period. In column I update for remaining days. I want to send remainder mail to my customer before 10 days( between 1 to 10 days) of expire the next due date.

    For that i had created code for send separate email for each customers. But the mail opening only for the row where i am selecting. First it should check the value on column I where the values between 1 to 10 days and send mail only to that customers.

    Once the mail is sent to customer it should print on column J like Mail sent

    I attached my file here for your reference.

    Kindly do the need full for completing this work.

  • Dear Roy,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The problem is solved and the code is

  • Thanks for posting your working code. I have had a look and the code below is based on it, but removes the nee to slect the sheet plus a couple of other alterations.

  • Dear Roy,

    Thanks for posting.

    I have one more problem on this code. In ebody i wrote code for default font size is 12pt. But when i am running this code on my outlook the font is updated 11 only.

    I tried with 10, 13 ,14 & 15. All are updating properly on outlook. But Only 12 is not updating,

    This problem already posted on this forum

    Outlook Mail body font size problem

    Can you please check and update me where the mistake is happen

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