E-mail body range from lastRow

  • Hello,

    I have an issue with trying to insert multiple ranges into an email body. I have the conditions if a cell has a certain value the in sends an email also when it sends the mail it copies the data from last row and it inserts it into the email body , the weird thing is that when I run the sub from the script it works perfectly(picture "from script") BUT when I insert the data from the user form and meets the condition it only gets the data from the first 5 columns (picture "from userform"). If someone can help me I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance

  • I have sorted the issue, the problem was that the condition that would trigger the module was on column 5 and I had another 5 columns after it , as soon as it met the condition it only added the cell values from the last row up to column 5 where the condition was met and did not added the rest of the last rows in the columns . In order the make it work I have delayed the macro to run for 5 second giving enough time to add data to populate the active sheet, now it works perfect , I have posted the working code maybe someone else has the same issue, I have used the following code:

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