Manipulating and populating the data from sheet X to sheet Y using dynamic VBA script

  • Hi guys, just wanted to ask for your suggestions on how to approach the 2 following issues in terms of writing the script that I need to populate data from sheet X into template within sheet Y.

    1) Multiple items divided by “;” are in column B within sheet X and need to be split once moved to template Y, but in the separate row of the same column. E.g. x;g;h; in the cell B2 (sheet X) would need to be populated into template Y as B2 for x,B3 for g, B4 +h. How should I go about it?

    2) I have a shortcut of signs in the identification section of the sheet X (lets say in column D), the values are in the following format (all in the cell D2): (ID):

    1234;(IB): 321; (IC):213. Now I need to populate the following to template Y where ID = Identification; IB = Internet barcode and IC = Identification of court (as per the created lookup table). How do I write a code that reads from look up table and populates this data into new table as new expanded/ expressive form? E.g. (ID):1234;(IB): 321; (IC):213 in sheet X -> (Identification):1234;(Internet Barcode): 321; (Identification of Court):213 in sheet Y (e.g. also column D2)

    3) This is related to issue 1..How do I copy multiple records from sheet X populating them into Y, if I want the next record to be populated into A column and the first (full) available row? Given the scenario in section 1 (i.e. according to example given above, the new record would start in A5 as x;g;h was moved to C2-C4).

    Hope the above makes sense!

    Thank you so much - Any guidance/help would be appreciated!

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