Re showing formula equation and not just the values

  • hello i have some problem of showing the equations of the cells as it only shows the actual values. im not sure if a formula function is need in order to be able to show the equation. my codes are bellow.

    'Enter lookup BOM qty into cell * SO Qty
    Cells(LoopRow, LoopColumn).Value = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("SUPERBOM").Cells(FoundRow, FoundColumn).Value * Cells(2, LoopColumn).Value

    For this set of code, and get the value from another sheet using the match function and calculated the values i wanted by multiplying the values to the row 2 of each column. is there anyways that allow me to show the equations on the cell when i select the cell using the mouse thank you so much, the photo of my main sheet is bellow thank you.

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