VBA MACRO Button click using a class instead of ID

  • Dear Users,

    I am trying to run a sub that does the following:

    1. Access this website (https://clinicaltrials.gov/)
    2. Introduces some words in the boxes "Condition or disease" and "other terms"
    3. Clicks in the button "search"

    I did everything but point 3. I can't do point three because the button does not have an ID but has a class. I tried to use a class but then I can't run the command .Click I don't know exactly why.

    Here it is the code I have been using. When I run the macro I keep getting this error: Object does not support this method (this basically is telling me I can.t use the command .click with this getelement...

    PS: if you know any good resource for data scrapping please share with me I would be forever grateful


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